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This is a podcast about the travel experiences that shape, transform, and guide us into becoming our best selves.

Welcome to Iconic Backpacker Stories! Follow along with our contributors as they set off through Europe with only a backpack and a friend, scale the Himalayas to celebrate their fortieth birthday, and come back wiser, stronger, and better than before. We cover inspirational and transformative travel in all the episodes, and our community is open to all.

THE HOST, Joanne

Joanne ventured out on her first backpacking trip in 1993. After backpacking for nine years, life happened (husband and kids). While she still travels, the one-bag-traveler no longer exists. Her Iconic Backpacker Stories podcasts highlight backpacker narratives and engage in a global discourse on transformative travel. Joanne connects current and former backpackers within a community – driven by the sacred art of storytelling and communal life. She hopes to empower others to get out on the road. (and travel).

Have you ever had a wild traveler experience, but were hesitant to share it? Or maybe you started, but then you couldn’t find the right audience. It took host Joanne Aartman one transformative backpacking journey to get hooked and pursue a life of travel. From nine years of backpacking solo, to navigating life’s surprise adventures (a husband and kids), Joanne started this podcast to tell stories of people like her – people transformed through travel experiences.

This show is about building a community of people who want to share transformative travel stories to engage, inspire, and connect with others. It’s about joining a story circle and having meaningful conversations with people who’ve experienced life on the road.

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