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Does the idea of a Suburban packed with 3 kids, luggage up to the rafters, and adventure “scare you”, or “excite you” since it sounds like the adventure your family needs? If you admit that you feel a little of both, then I have solutions for you that will tip the scales toward “Adventure” for your Family!”

Travel time is family time, a time to be together and just be. And here’s a secret: you can teach your kids, have fun and watch them teach you.

Show your kids how to stand in a new place and see its beauty! Teach them to read a map and to find a unique place by using a compass or just taking an unexpected turn off of the highway. Watch them as they experience what is in front of them—sights they can see with their own eyes, not an image on a screen.

While the whining, fighting, fidgeting, and basic “kids-driving-you-crazy” stuff will not disappear completely (just being honest here!), what does change is the the excitement of the being on the road or sitting in a beautiful place. The previously irritating kid behavior stops being irritating!

Being out on the road grants us time away with flexibility. No schedules. Only destinations. Having Fun. Feeling the excitement of the adventure. Watching the kids see something for the first time. Seeing something for the first time with your kids. Sharing moments of wonder. Marveling at Nature’s work.

Memories will be made as you drive, hike, swim, explore and just go. Be ready for the best trip ever or the most challenging trip with a stop at an urgent care clinic. It will be worth it…facing the world as a family.

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